Collected Works of Abraham Lincoln. Volume 8.
Lincoln, Abraham, 1809-1865.


[1]   AES, DLC-Hitchcock Papers. Lincoln's endorsement appears on a letter from Charles D. Pennebaker, agent for the State of Kentucky, February 18, 1865, forwarding a copy of a letter from Major W. D. Ray, Fourth Kentucky Cavalry, CSA, a prisoner of war on Johnson's Island, addressed to Dr. John B. English, January 22, 1865. Ray proposed that if his parole could be arranged he would return to Richmond and find out what had happened to the son of Dr. English, Major Duval English, Eleventh Kentucky Cavalry, USA. Pennebacker wrote as follows:

``The reason why this parole is asked, is briefly this. In Sept. 64, an order wasPage  311 issued by the Secty of War for the special exchange of Maj. Duval English 11th. Ky. Cav. On the 11th. day of December, Col. Jno. E. Mulford wrote to Dr. J. B. English New Liberty, Ky. saying, `I have this day effected the release of Maj. Duval English 4th Ky. Cav. who will be at once forwarded to Anapolis: Md. when he will get leave of absence & return home.'

``Col. [T. H.] Butler 5th Ind Cav. reports about the middle of December, when on his way to east Tenn, after his escape from Prison, that he received a Message from Maj. English, while crossing the mountains. Nothing has been heard from Maj. English since. It is sincerely apprehended by his friends, that he was recaptured or that some unexplained mistake has occured in his special exchange. Maj. Ray is a man of honor, & will, if liberated under these circumstances execute the conditions of his parole faithfully.''