Collected Works of Abraham Lincoln. Volume 8.
Lincoln, Abraham, 1809-1865.


[1]   Copy, DLC-RTL. See Lincoln to Grant, February 11, supra. On April 1, 1865, Dr. Charles H. Ray wrote Lincoln from Memphis, Tennessee: ``On my arrival here with the Special Order, given to me by request of Gov. [Richard J.] Oglesby, authorizing me to carry on certain trade, I found that the purpose for which it was given had already been served by the many traders on the river, and that whisky & all its compounds were at a discount. Unwilling to give up the enterprise, more on account of those who are associated with me than for any hope of personal profit, I was uncertain what to do; but visiting Gen [Napoleon T. J.] Dana, at Vicksburg, I found that he was willing to allow me [to] take up the Yazoo certain articles like bale-rope & bagging, queensware, calico, womens' shoes, stationery & the like, all strictly within the limit of noncontraband articles, and, on your authorization, to bring out products in return. This I am about to avail myself of; the boat with part of her cargo aboard is now lying at the levee here; but as this is outside of the original purpose for which the permit was granted . . . I have thought proper to advise you . . . so as to give you the opportunity, if you choose, of stopping operations at once. . . .'' (Ibid.).