Collected Works of Abraham Lincoln. Volume 8.
Lincoln, Abraham, 1809-1865.


[1]   DS, DNA RG 46, Senate 38A F2; DS, DNA RG 233, House Executive Document No.55. A joint resolution approved on March 3, 1865, authorized Captain Stellwagen to accept the sword. Burnley's letter of February 4 is in part as follows:

``Her Majesty's consul at St. Thomas has reported to his government the friendly and efficient assistance given by Captain Stellwagen . . . to the British brigantine Mersey, of Liverpool, which he fell in with in a disabled condition, and in a state of imminent peril from the effects of a severe hurricane. . . . Captain Stellwagen went on board the Mersey and most liberally supplied the wants of the ship and crew, thus enabling her master to bring her in safety to . . . St. Thomas.

``Her Majesty's government . . . have caused the accompanying sword of honor to be prepared . . . as a mark of their gratitude, and I am instructed . . . to deliver it to you, with a request that Captain Stellwagen may be permitted to accept it. . . .'' (Ibid.).