Collected Works of Abraham Lincoln. Volume 8.
Lincoln, Abraham, 1809-1865.
Executive Mansion, Washington City.
February 6th. 1865.

Whereas complaints are made in some localities, respecting the assignments of quotas and credits allowed for the pending call of troops to fill up the armies---now, in order to determine all controversies in respect thereto, and to avoid any delay in filling up the armies---It is ordered---That the Attorney General, Brigadier General Richard Delafield, and Colonel C. W. Foster, [2] be, and theyPage  265 are hereby constituted, a Board to examine into the proper quotas and credits of the respective States and districts, under the call of December 19th. 1864, with directions that, if any errors be found therein, to make such corrections as the law and facts may require, and report their determination to the Provost Marshal General. The determination of said Board to be final and conclusive, and the draft to be made in conformity therewith.

2. The Provost Marshal General is ordered to make the draft in the respective districts, as speedily as the same can be done after the 15th. of this month. ABRAHAM LINCOLN.