Collected Works of Abraham Lincoln. Volume 8.
Lincoln, Abraham, 1809-1865.


[1]   DS, DNA FS RG 11, Department of State. This printed form with blanks filled in by a clerk is the original resolution approved by Lincoln. Printed portionsPage  254

are reproduced in italics. Engrossed copies bearing the signatures not only of Colfax, Hamlin, and Lincoln, but also of members of the Senate and House of Representatives, are in IHi and ORB. Presumably other signed copies may be in existence. Lincoln's approval of this resolution, although signed in accordance with his usual practice in approving resolutions and acts of congress, was unnecessary in the case of an amendment to the constitution. On February 7 the Senate passed a resolution declaring that ``such approval was unnecessary,'' since the Supreme Court had decided in a case arising in 1798 that the president ``has nothing to do with the proposition or adoption of amendments to the Constitution'' (Remarks of Senator Trumbull, Congressional Globe, February 7, 1865, pp. 629-30). For an account of the adoption of the resolution, see Nicolay and Hay, Abraham Lincoln: A History, X, 72-90.