Collected Works of Abraham Lincoln. Volume 8.
Lincoln, Abraham, 1809-1865.

To Edward O. C. Ord [2]

Major General Ord. [January 30, 1865]

Please procure for the bearer, Major Thomas T. Eckert an interview with Messrs. Stevens, Hunter and Campbell; and if on his return to you, he requests it, pass them through our lines to Fortress-Monroe, by such route, and under such other Military precautions as you may deem prudent, giving them protection and comfortable quarters while there. Let none of this have any effect upon your military movements or plans.


[1]   ADf, NHi. This autograph draft of instructions to General Ord is written in pencil. On the bottom of the page appears an endorsement in another handwriting: ``This paper was written by President Linclon [sic], January 30th. 1865, and was copied by Mr. Stanton and given to Gen. Eckert to deliver in person to Genl. Ord, and led to the interview which took place afterwards between the gentlemen herein named and the President.'' Stanton addressed the message to Grant instead of Ord. See Lincoln's communication to the House of Representatives, February 10, infra.