Collected Works of Abraham Lincoln. Volume 8.
Lincoln, Abraham, 1809-1865.

Order Concerning Fergus Peniston [1]

Executive Mansion
Washington January 28. 1865.

Mr Fergus Penniston of New Orleans claiming that he has bought products of the insurrectionary States under proper authoritiesPage  244 of the Treasury Department issued prior to July 2, 1864, and proposing to get the Permits issued under said Authorities renewed or revived as provided in ``Amended Regulation LV, series of July 29, 1864'' dated January 4, 1865 signed by the Secretary of the Treasury, and approved by me, all officers of the Army and Navy and civil officers of the Government will respect all Permits to said Penniston renewed or revived in pursuance of said Amended Regulation, and cotton being transported under such renewed or revived Permits will be free from seizure detention or forfeiture, and be allowed free and unmolested passage as permitted by Agents of the Treasury Department in accordance with said amended Regulation. ABRAHAM LINCOLN


[1]   Copy preserved in the file of Cotton Case No. 562, U.S. Court, Southern District of Illinois, Springfield, Illinois. Fergus Peniston and William S. Pike were claimants for 956 bales of cotton taken by the U.S. Navy on the Ouachita expedition, about April, 1864. Lincoln's original order has not been found. See Lincoln's order of January 4, supra.