Collected Works of Abraham Lincoln. Volume 8.
Lincoln, Abraham, 1809-1865.

To Ulysses S. Grant [1]

Executive Mansion, Washington,
Lt. General Grant 27 January, 1865.

Stay execution in case of Barney Roorke 15th New York Engineers until record can be examined here. A. LINCOLN.

Send above dispatch and oblige JOHN HAY A.A.G.


[1]   D, DNA WR RG 107, Presidential Telegrams, I, 307. This telegram, including Lincoln's signature, is in John Hay's handwriting. Grant replied on the same day:

``Maj Gen Parke furnishes the following . . . in relation to Barney Rouke 15th N Y Engineers of whom you telegraphed this morning

`` `Private Barney Rouke 15th N.Y. Engineers was not sentenced capitally. His sentence to be dishonorably discharged . . . and to be confined at hard labor for . . . ten (10) years . . . at Albany N.Y. . . . the record forwarded Jany 2nd 1865 to the Judge Advocate General for reference to the Secretary of War. . . .' '' (DLC-RTL).

Page  241A petition in behalf of Barney Rourke, Company F, Fifteenth New York Engineers, sentenced for shooting a member of his company, was referred by Lincoln to Stanton on January 13, 1865, but is missing from the files (DNA WR RG 107, Secretary of War, Letters Received, P 69, Register).