Collected Works of Abraham Lincoln. Volume 8.
Lincoln, Abraham, 1809-1865.

To George C. Miller [1]

Executive Mansion,
Washington, January 18, 1865

My Dear Sir---Please accept my cordial thanks for the cane you were so kind as to send me, and the letter by which it was accompanied. Yours truly, A. LINCOLN

George C. Miller, Esq.


[1]   Cincinnati, Past and Present, Or, Its Industrial History (M. Joblin and Company, Cincinnati, 1872), p.33. George C. Miller, manufacturer of agricultural implements at Cincinnati, wrote Lincoln on December 30, 1864:

``My Father being a soldier of the Revolution and I haveing some knowledge of the War of Eighteen Hundred and Twelve, being Seventy Five years old on the above date. I have been Led to Fix a value upon the union, Liberty and Independence of the States above all other matters of an Earthly nature. Have twice voted for your Honor. . . . Beleaveing that you are the Man. that God has Raised up and appointed as Our Leader in the Putting Down of the Greatest and Wickedest Rebellion that has ever taken place in the World. . . .

``I have made and Desire to Present to you a Cane in some Measure Emblematical of What I hope Our Nation Will be, before your Second term Expires. Being Composed of as Maney Sections and Pieces as there Ware States, and of a verry Beautifull Curled White Oak Not of the kind that Could be Split into Railes with Mall and wedge Conveniently.

``The Sections are not Bound together by a Rope of Sand But With a Rod of Iron. . . .'' (DLC-RTL).