Collected Works of Abraham Lincoln. Volume 8.
Lincoln, Abraham, 1809-1865.


[1]   ALS, DNA WR RG 107, Presidential Telegrams, I, 282. On January 8, General Butler was relieved from command of the Department of Virginia and North Carolina and replaced by General Edward O. C. Ord. On January 9, he telegraphed Lincoln: ``I have telegraphed to the Secretary of War for leave to publish my report of the Wilmington affair. I have received no answer. He is absent; in his absence I respectfully ask your leave to publish it. It is but justice. . . .'' (DLC-RTL).

On January 11, Butler telegraphed Grant: ``I have asked the President forPage  208 permission to publish my report of the Wilmington affair. He answers that no report has ever been received at the War Department. You told me you had forwarded it. Has it been lost again? If so, I have a copy.'' (OR, I, XLVI, II, 97).

General John A. Rawlins replied the same day: ``General Grant telegraphed to Captain [George K.] Leet to return your report to enable him to revise his endorsement on it. It will arrive here probably to-day, and will be returned by special messenger to-morrow. He has requested its publication.'' (Ibid., p. 98).