Collected Works of Abraham Lincoln. Volume 8.
Lincoln, Abraham, 1809-1865.

Passes for James W. Singleton [1]

Allow the bearer James W Singleton, to pass our lines with ordinary baggage, and go South A LINCOLN

Jany 5. 1865

Allow the bearer James W Singleton to pass our lines, with any Southern products, and go to any of our trading posts, there to be subject to the Regulations of the Treasury Department

Jany 5. 1865 A LINCOLN


[1]   Copies, DLC-RTL. See Lincoln's order issued to Robert E. Coxe, supra. Orville H. Browning's Diary records under date of December 24, 1864, a conference with Lincoln ``about letting Genl Singleton go to Richmond for the purpose of purchasing Cotton &c. . . .If it succeeds quite a number of gentlemen, including Senator [Edwin D.] Morgan of N. Y.---Mr [Robert E.] Coxe now of Canada, Judge [James] Hughes of the court of claims, and myself.'' The entry stops thus abruptly, but on January 5, 1865, Browning writes again: ``The President sent me word last night that he wished to see me this morning I had previously talked with him about permitting Singleton to go South . . .a scheme out of which he, Singleton, Judge Hughes of the Court of Claims, Senator Morgan myself and some others, hope to make some money. . . .'' The Richmond Examiner for January 16, 1865, announced Singleton's arrival in that city. A note from Browning to Lincoln, undated but January 30, 1865 (incorrectly catalogued as 1864 in the Lincoln Papers) is as follows:Page  201

``Singleton has returned. Has letters & messages for you, and much to tell that it will be interesting to hear.

``We will call at 7 o'clock this evening, or any other time that may suit your convenience.'' (DLC-RTL).