Collected Works of Abraham Lincoln. Volume 8.
Lincoln, Abraham, 1809-1865.

To William H. Seward [1]

Executive Mansion Washington,
Hon. Sec. of State Jan. 3. 1865

A hungarian by the name of Foegelmeisy, was on Gen. Stahl's staff, and by his going out of active service is thrown out. Some of our Pennsylvania friends are desirous to get him a Consulship. Can you find one for him? If you can, I will ascertain the Christian name. Yours truly A. LINCOLN.


[1]   ALS, NAuE. Frederick W. Seward endorsed this letter, ``Appoint.'' The resignation of Colonel Philip Figyelmesy (Figyelmessy), additional aide-decamp on the staff of General Julius H. Stahel, was accepted as of DecemberPage  196

1864 (AGO Special Orders No. 45, January 28, 1865), and his appointment as consul at Demerara, British Guiana, was confirmed by the Senate on January 30, 1865.