Collected Works of Abraham Lincoln. Volume 8.
Lincoln, Abraham, 1809-1865.
Executive Mansion,
Washington, December 23, 1864.

All Military and Naval commanders will please give to James Harrison, Esq. of St. Louis, Missouri, (with any number of [2] SteamBoats not exceeding three, taking in tow any number of barges, scows, flats, and the like, not having steam power, which they may be able to so take, with [3] such goods & money, as the Treasury agents may grant permits for under the rules of the Dept. and none other, and only with crews to navigate the whole, and necessary provisions for himself and said crews,) protection and safe conduct from New-Orleans [4] or Memphis to Red River, and up said river and its tributaries, till he shall pass beyond our Military lines, and also give him such protection and safe conduct on his return to our lines, back to New-Orleans [5] or Memphis, with any cargoes he may bring; and on his safe return from beyond our lines, with said boats and tows, allow him to repeat once or twice if he shall desire.