Collected Works of Abraham Lincoln. Volume 8.
Lincoln, Abraham, 1809-1865.

Approval of Treasury Regulation No. 55 [1]

Executive Mansion
December 22. 1864.

I, Abraham Lincoln, President of the United States, having seen and considered the within amended Regulation numbered LV. prescribed by the Secretary of the Treasury, do hereby approve of the same, and I further declare and order that products moving in compliance with the said Regulation shall be exempt from seizure and from confiscation and forfeiture to the United States.



[1]   Copy, DNA RG 56, General Records of the Treasury Department, Copies of Letters from the Secretary of the Treasury, Volume VIII, Set BE, Restricted Commercial Intercourse. The original order has not been found. A copy of the amended Regulation, December 22, 1864, is as follows:Page  176

``Regulation LV. concerning Commercial Intercourse series of July 29. 1864, is hereby amended as follows:

``LV. All existing authorities to purchase products in insurrectionary States are hereby revoked; except that products purchased in good faith under such authorities, and paid for, in whole or in part, prior to the 29th. day of July 1864, may be transported to market as before the passage of the Act of July 2. 1864, subject to the following limitations and conditions; and included in the following classes:

``1st. Those which have been wholly paid for.

``2d. Those upon which part payment has been made, coupled with a legal obligation to pay the residue, so that the articles purchased are at the risk of that purchaser, and such payment is in no wise dependent upon their delivery.

``3d. Where part payment has been made, without such obligations as to the balance, so much of the products alleged to have been purchased as the amount actually advanced will pay for at the stipulated price.

``The original permits must be produced in each case, and proof furnished to the satisfaction of a proper permit officer and a Supervising or Assistant Special Agent, for the Agency or district in which proof is to be made that the property desired to be moved comes within one of the classes named above, and that the privilege conferred by the original permit has been in no way violated or abused,---a certificate of which facts must be endorsed upon the permit over their official signature, which permit, so endorsed, will then be considered as revived and in full force, to the extent specified in the endorsement, in accordance with this rule. W. P. FESSENDEN Sec. Treas.'' (Ibid.).