Collected Works of Abraham Lincoln. Volume 8.
Lincoln, Abraham, 1809-1865.

To the Senate and House of Representatives [2]

To the Senate andDecember 5, 1864

House of Representatives:---

In conformity to the Law of 16 July 1862, I most cordially recommend that Captain John A. Winslow, U.S. Navy, receive a vote of Thanks from Congress, for the skill and gallantry exhibited by him in the brilliant action, whilst in command of the U.S. Steamer Kearsarge, which led to the total destruction of the Piratical craft ``Alabama,'' on the 19 June 1864,---a vessel superior in tonnage, superior in number of guns, and superior in number of crew.

This recommendation is specially made in order to comply with the requirements of the 9th. Section of the aforesaid Act, which is in the following words, viz:---

``That any line officer of the Navy or Marine Corps may be advanced one grade, if upon recommendation by the President by name, he receives the thanks of Congress for highly distinguished conduct in conflict with the enemy, or for extraordinary heroism in the line of his profession.'' ABRAHAM LINCOLN

Washington City,

5 December 1864.


[1]   DS, DNA RG 46, Senate 38A F2; DS, DNA RG 233, House Executive Document No. 6. A resolution of thanks was approved on December 20, 1864. Winslow was nominated commodore on January 9, and his promotion was approved by the Senate on February 6, 1865.