Collected Works of Abraham Lincoln. Volume 8.
Lincoln, Abraham, 1809-1865.
Page  116

To William S. Rosecrans [1]

Executive Mansion, Washington,
Major General Rosecrans. Nov. 19, 1864.

A Major Wolf, as it seems, was under sentence, in your Department, to be executed in retaliation for the murder of a Major Wilson; and I, without any particular knowledge of the facts, was induced by appeals for mercy, to order the suspension of his execution until further order. Understanding that you so desire, this letter places the case again within your control, with the remark only that I wish you to do nothing merely for revenge, but that what you may do, shall be solely done with reference to the security of the future. Yours truly A. LINCOLN


[1]   ADfS, DLC-RTL; LS, ORB. See Lincoln to Rosecrans, November 10, supra. On February 24, 1865, Major Enoch O. Wolf was sent to City Point and exchanged. For a detailed narrative of the case, see Oliver R. Barrett, ``Lincoln and Retaliation,'' Lincoln Herald, December, 1947, pp. 2-23.