Collected Works of Abraham Lincoln. Volume 8.
Lincoln, Abraham, 1809-1865.
Office U.S. Military Telegraph,
The Governor of Maine War Department,
Augusta, Me. Washington, D.C., Nov. 15 1864.

Please send, as soon as practicable, exactly, or approximately, the aggregate of votes cast in your State at the late election. It is desired with reference to the forthcoming Message.


Page  109Saml Cony

Gov of Maine

Augusta Me

Jos. A. Gilmore

Gov of N.H.

Concord NH.

Jno Gregory Smith

Govr of Vermont

Montpelier Vt.

John A. Andrew

Govr of Massachusetts

Boston Mass

Jas Y. Smith

Gov of Rhode Island

Providence R I.

Wm. A. Buckingham

Govr of Connecticut

Hartford Conn.

Horatio Seymour

Govr of New York

Albany N.Y.

Joel Parker

Gov of New Jersey

Trenton N.J.

A. G. Curtin

Gov. of Penna

Harrisburg Pa.

Wm. Cannon

Gov of Delaware

Dover Del

A. W. Bradford

Govr of Maryland


A. I. Boreman

Govr West Va.

Wheeling Va

Andrew Johnson

Mil Govr of Tenn

Nashville Tenn

Thos. E. Bramlette

Gov of Kentucky

Lexington Ky.

John Brough

Govr of Ohio

Columbus O.

Austin Blair

Gov of Michigan

Lansing Mich

O. P. Morton

Gov of Indiana

Indianapolis Ind

Richard Yates

Govr of Illinois

Springfield Ill

Willard P Hall

Lt Govr of Missouri

Jefferson City Mo

Wm. M. Stone

Gov of Iowa

Des Moines Iowa

James T. Lewis

Govr of Wisconsin

Madison Wis

Stephen Miller

Govr of Minnesota

St Paul Minn

Thomas Carney

Govr of Kansas

Leavenworth Kan

Frederick F. Low

Govr of California

Sacramento Cal

Jas W. Nye

Govr of Nevada

Carson City


Maj Gen J. E. Steele [2]

Little Rock


Page  110Michael Hahn

Govr of Louisiana

New Orleans via Cairo