Collected Works of Abraham Lincoln. Volume 8.
Lincoln, Abraham, 1809-1865.


[1]   AES, IHi. Lincoln's endorsement is written on a letter from Private James W. W. Hughlett, First Maryland Veteran Volunteers, November 1, 1864: ``I being A Member of Company G, 1st Regt Md Vet Vols I was wouned in action, at Front Royal Virginia and I was taken Prisoner also and I was Paroled and ordered to report to Camp Parole Annapolis Md During wich time I received all the Pay was Due me From the Government and I then stayed at Camp Parole untill their was two months Pay Due me and wen I came to Draw my Pay their was eight months Pay Due me on the Muster Role andPage  95

I Did Not Rectify the mistake wich I have of often bin sorry For and you would raleive my mind greatly by Leting me No My sentence I am wiling to suffer what ever sentence you May Pass I am willing to make the money good by having my Pay stoped I Drew $104.75 cents where i should only have Drew 22 the odd cents was clothing money Due me but I had received the amount Due me for clothing before that time I was A Drummer at the time I was wouned I should have writen Long ago but I had not courage enough, and I was ashamed.'' The regimental roster lists James Hughlett as discharged with his regiment on July 2, 1865.