Collected Works of Abraham Lincoln. Volume 8.
Lincoln, Abraham, 1809-1865.

Order for Discharge of Kentuckians [1]

[c. November 1, 1864]

Let the following named prisoners of war, take the oath of Dec. 8, 1863, and be discharged.

Josiah Gentry--- at Camp Douglas,

Archibald W. Kavanaugh, `` ``

John W. Mitchell, `` ``

Jonathan D. Jones. `` ``

Roger X. Quisenberry Camp. Chase.

William T. Simmons. Camp. Douglas.



[1]   AES, owned by William H. Townsend, Lexington, Kentucky. Lincoln's order is written on a letter from General Stephen G. Burbridge, Lexington, Kentucky, November 1, 1864: ``Hon C. F Burmond speaks of going to the City of Washington in a few weeks to see you on some personal [business] connected with the release of several person[s] confined in our Military Camps I can say to you that he will make no statement that you may not rely upon and I am satisfied that the public service in this department will suffer no detriment from granting his request I hope you will do so.''