Collected Works of Abraham Lincoln. Volume 8.
Lincoln, Abraham, 1809-1865.

Endorsement Concerning H. Warren Stimson [1]


I wish this ``soldier boy'' to have a chance. A. LINCOLN

Nov. 1. 1864


[1]   AES, DNA WR RG 94, U.S. Military Academy, 1864, No. 388. Lincoln's endorsement is written on a letter of Sergeant H. Warren Stimson, Company A, One Hundred Forty-second Pennsylvania Volunteers, to John Hay, October 25, 1864:

``I have taken the liberty of addressing you, for the purpose of asking your opinion in respect to the matter of obtaining one of the appointments as cadet at West Point, annually made by the President.

``I hardly expect that you will pay any attention to me; but I thought there would be no harm in writing to you.

``I am 19 years of age. I have carried my musket nearly thirty months, and am willing to carry it, thirty more if by so doing the Rebellion may be crushed. I have had plenty of chances to be detailed: but have refused, because I believe that when a man enlists, it is his duty to fight & not to `bum.' I have been in every action since the `2d. Bull Run,' and have been wounded twice. I expect to go into another one tomorrow, as we are ordered to march at 5 A.M. Perhaps by tomorrow night I may be beyond the need of any cadetship, but I hope not.

``As far as regards education I think I am fully competent to pass a creditable examination. I was in the Sophomore class of Columbia college, and ran away from there `to go for a soldier.' I am an orphan. Hoping that my communication may meet with your favorable consideration, and trusting soon to hear from you I have the honor to remain.''

There is no record of Stimson's appointment.