Collected Works of Abraham Lincoln. Volume 8.
Lincoln, Abraham, 1809-1865.

Reply to Eustorjio Salgar [1]

September 15, 1864

GEN. SALGAR: It is with very sincere satisfaction that I learn that peace and tranquillity have returned to the United States of Colombia. I fervently desire that your country may long continue to enjoy these great blessings, which are so essential to public happiness and to the progress of civilization, which is the great interest of all American States.

Page  7We have had the pleasure of knowing your respected President intimately at this capital, and thus we have been very well assured that whomsoever he should accredit as his representative here would be found not only a true patriot, but also a liberal friend to the United States and a firm supporter of republican institutions throughout the American Continent.

Your public character has preceded you here, sir, and I am happy in recognizing you, on this occasion, as such a Minister as this Government has so confidently expected. Be assured, sir, that no effort on my part will be spared to render your mission successful and satisfactory to yourself and to your enlightened countrymen.


[1]   Washington Daily National Republican, September 16, 1864. Substantially the same text appeared in other Washington papers. Lincoln replied to a brief speech made by General Eustorjio Salgar upon presenting his credentials as minister from Colombia.