Collected Works of Abraham Lincoln. Volume 8.
Lincoln, Abraham, 1809-1865.

Response to a Serenade [1]

October 21, 1864

FELLOW-CITIZENS: I was promised not to be called upon for a speech to-night, nor do I propose to make one. But, as we have beenPage  58 hearing some very good news for a day or two, I propose that you give three hearty cheers for Sheridan.

While we are at it we may as well consider how fortunate it was for the Secesh that Sheridan was a very little man. If he had been a large man, there is no knowing what he would have done with them.

I propose three cheers for General Grant, who knew to what use to put Sheridan; three cheers for all our noble commanders and the soldiers and sailors; three cheers for all people everywhere who cheer the soldiers and sailors of the Union---and now, good night.


[1]   Washington Daily Morning Chronicle, October 22, 1864. A torchlight parade ``passed through the grounds in front of the Presidential Mansion, where a large crowd had gathered, and kept up a continual blaze of light with rockets, bluelights, Roman-candles, &c., lighting up the upper windows under the portico, at which stood the President and `little Thad,' . . . After the procession had left the grounds, the crowd called loudly for the President, and he responded as follows: [text as above].''