Collected Works of Abraham Lincoln. Volume 8.
Lincoln, Abraham, 1809-1865.

Order Concerning Mrs. Annie Wittenmyer [1]

October 20, 1864

Let this Lady have transportation to any of the Armies, and any previleges while there, not objected to by the commanders of the armies respectively. A. LINCOLN.

Oct. 20. 1864

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[1]   AES, owned by Don Knaur, Pottstown, PennsylvaniA. Lincoln's endorsement is written on the back of a permit signed by Edwin M. Stanton, July 25, 1862:

``Permission is hereby given to Mrs. Annie Wittenmeyer, Special Agent of the Iowa Sanitary Association, to pass with such goods as she may have in charge, to and within the lines of any of the Armies of the Departments of Kansas and of the Mississippi, for the purpose of visiting the sick and wounded soldiers of the Iowa Regiments in either of those Armies.

``Quartermasters will furnish transportation for herself and stores, and Commissaries will provide her with subsistence. It is also specially enjoined upon all officers to afford her every facility in carrying out her charitable purpose, it being shown that she is worthy of great respect.'' Surgeon General Joseph K. Barnes also endorsed the document on October 20, 1864: ``Mrs. A. Wittenmyer is specially commended to the attention and courtesy of all medical officers.'' Mrs. Wittenmyer inaugurated ``diet kitchens'' for the hospitals and organized aid for the widows and orphans of Union soldiers.