[1]   Copy, DNA WR RG 94, Adjutant General Letters Received, P 1004. The copy of Lincoln's order is preserved on a copy of a letter of John Fonerden, M.D., medical superintendent of the Maryland Hospital for the Insane, Baltimore, August 27, 1864, to Mrs. James A. Stewart:

``In compliance with your request, I will herein express my opinion respecting the condition of Mr Chas D. Stewart as to mind & body.

``He has had a severe attack of insanity, mostly occasioned by disappointment in not being released from the custody of this institution. To effect a restoration as far as this is possible, it is necessary to remove the irritation constantly caused in his mind by the knowledge that he is detained in custody by an order of the War Department.

Page  542``If he were now place under the care of his friends, the condition of his mind, I believe would improve so much, as to enable him to regain in some degree, by social intercourse and daily out door exercise an improvement of his bodily health also, which has become by confinement very much impaired.

``If not soon removed from the hospital, I shall expect him to become affected with pulmonary consumption, and to remain liable to a renewal of paroxysms of insanity, until death, at a period not remote, shall release him from his afflictions.''

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