[2]   The fact that the first page of this draft was written in ink on Executive Mansion stationery indicates that this page was written at Washington before Lincoln went to Gettysburg. Since the page ends in an incomplete sentence, it may be inferred that there was also a second page written in Washington. The only extant second page, however, written in pencil on lined paper, shows indications of being a copy, presumably of an original page so completely revised and overwritten that Lincoln threw it away. It is also possible, however, that this copy was made from the second draft (see note 3), or possibly from a still different draft of which we have no knowledge.

When he made the copy is another matter of uncertainty. According to John G. Nicolay, he wrote it at Gettysburg on the morning of November 19 (for Nicolay's complete account, see Century Magazine, new series, XXV, 596-608); but it is also possible that he wrote this page on the night of November 18 and the second draft on the 19th (see William E. Barton, Lincoln at Gettysburg, pp. 68 ff.).

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