Collected Works of Abraham Lincoln. Volume 7.
Lincoln, Abraham, 1809-1865.


[1]   ADfS, DLC-RTL. Albert G. Hodges, editor of the Frankfort, Kentucky, Commonwealth, and Archibald Dixon, former senator from Kentucky, 1852-1855, met with Lincoln on March 26 to discuss border state problems. OrvillePage  283

H. Browning's Diary under date of April 3, 1864, records the visit: ``The President told me that a few days before Govr Bramlett of Ky: Hon Archibald Dixon & Mr Hodges of the same state had called upon him in regard to the enlistment of slaves as soldiers in Ky, in reference to which there has been much dissatisfaction in that State, and that everything had been amicably adjusted between them, and that they had gone home satisfied. He said when they were discussing the matter he asked them to let him make a little speech to them, which he did and with which they were much pleased. That afterwards Mr Hodges came back to him, and asked him to give him a copy of his remarks to take with him to Ky. He told Mr Hodges that what he had said was not written, and that he had not then time to commit it to paper---but to go home and he would write him a letter in which he would give, as nearly as he could all that he had said to them orally. . . .'' See further, Lincoln to Hodges, April 22, infra.

[2]   ``Any'' inserted by an unidentified person.