Collected Works of Abraham Lincoln. Volume 5.
Lincoln, Abraham, 1809-1865.

To Gideon Welles [1]

Sir, Executive Mansion August 21st 1862

Under the authority vested in me by the Act approved July 14, 1862. I have ``selected the following candidates from the Sons of officers or soldiers who distinguished themselves in the service of the United States'' &c. for admission into the Naval Academy as Midshipmen:

1 H. Livingston Mansfield.

2 James McB. Stembel.

Page  3883 Wm. H. Emory.

4 R. M. Cutts.

5 Morris A. [Morris R.S.] Mackenzie.

6 George Mansfield Totten, and

7 Henry W. Wessells.

I am, respectfully

Honble Gideon Welles

Secretary of the Navy.


[1]   D, DLC-RTL. This appears to be a draft or copy of a letter sent. The act referred to had been approved on July 14, 1862. The candidates appointed by this letter graduated at Annapolis with the exception of Mansfield and Stembel, who resigned.