Collected Works of Abraham Lincoln. Volume 5.
Lincoln, Abraham, 1809-1865.

To Edwin M. Stanton [1]

December 2, 1862

Ordered that all officers of the peculiar military force organized in Missouri by Governor Gamble [2] . . . may be, by said Governor, in his discretion, removed from office; and he may accept resignations tendered by them, or any of them, he notifying this Department in each case, wherein his action in such cases will be confirmed.


[1]   Parke-Bernet Catalog 841, February 25, 1947, No. 168. According to the catalog description this item is a one-page autograph letter signed. On December 28, AGO Special Orders No. 417 transmitted Lincoln's order substantially as given in our source.

[2]   The ellipsis is in the source. A parenthetical exception which appears in Special Orders No. 417 may substantially represent the omitted text as follows: ``(except the major-general, in regard to whom special provision is already made).'' (OR, III, II, 955).