[1]   Copy, DLC-RTL. Gilmer's letter of December 10, enclosed with Corwin's letter of December 11 (DLC-RTL), asked Lincoln to make a public statement answering specific questions, the nature of which is indicated by Lincoln's replies. Although Lincoln marked his letter ``strictly confidential,'' an article appeared shortly afterward in the Missouri Democrat (copied by Cincinnati Daily Commercial, January 10, 1861), which recounted an interview in the parlor of Lincoln's home while he was in the midst of writing ``to some Southern gentlemen.'' In the interview the identical points are made in almost identical language. Probably Francis P. Blair, Jr., wrote the article. See Lincoln to Blair, December 18, infra. Lincoln to Trumbull and to Weed, December 17, infra, indicate that the letter to Gilmer was enclosed to Thomas Corwin for delivery to Gilmer. A second letter to Gilmer broaching the question of his accepting a place in the cabinet, written on or after December 21, is presumably not extant. Gilmer to Lincoln, December 29, refers to receipt of a telegram dated December 21, and a letter received December 26, requesting Gilmer to come to Springfield. Gilmer replied that such a visit `` . . . would not be useful. . . . '' (DLC-RTL).

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