Collected Works of Abraham Lincoln. Volume 4.
Lincoln, Abraham, 1809-1865.

Order Designating the National Repulican [1]

Executive Department, Washington April 11th 1861.

In virtue of his authority to designate at discretion one newspaper in the city of Washington for the publication of notices and advertisements from the Executive departments, in addition to the two entitled to such publication, by having the largest permanent subscription, (U. S. Statutes, Vol. 5, page 795,) the President designates the ``National Republican,'' and his private secretary will communicate this order to the several Executive departments. [2]


Although [3] I do not perceive the necessity of it, I have no objection to say the above designation is to stand, until further order, notwithstanding any change of proprietors which may have occurred. A. LINCOLN

Feb. 16. 1863.


[1]   DS and AES, RPB.

[2]   Nicolay wrote the letters on April 19.

[3]   This endorsement appears on the bottom of the page and is reproduced here rather than under its chronological date. William J. Murtaugh became publisher of the Republican in 1863.