Collected Works of Abraham Lincoln. Volume 4.
Lincoln, Abraham, 1809-1865.

To Lyman Trumbull [1]

Confidential Hon. Lyman Trumbull Springfield, Ills. Dec. 17. 1860

My dear Sir: Yours inclosing Mr. Wade's letter, which I herewith return, is received.

If any of our friends do prove false, and fix up a compromise on the territorial question, I am for fighting again---that is all. (It is but repetition for me to say I am for an honest inforcement of the constitution---fugitive slave clause included.) Mr. Gilmer of N.C. wrote me; and I answered confidentially, inclosing my letter to Gov. Corwin, [2] to be delivered or not, as he might deem prudent. I now inclose you a copy of it.

[The signature has been cut off.]


[1]   ALS, CSmH. trumbull wrote on December 14, enclosing an ``old letter'' from Benjamin F. Wade, `` . . . but you will see from it, what his views are.'' He added that he understood some people ``high up'' in the South were to write Lincoln for a statement and that if they were sufficiently prominent Lincoln's answer might do good (DLC-RTL).

[2]   No letter of this period to Thomas Corwin seems to be extant, but Lincoln here implies that his letter to John A. Gilmer (December 15, supra) was sent to Corwin, and Corwin's letter of December 11 enclosing Gilmer's letter of December 10 requested that Lincoln's reply be enclosed in care of Corwin.