[27]   A Committee of five, consisting of Messrs. Mason, Davis and Fitch, (Democrats,) and Collamer and Doolittle, (Republicans,) was appointed Dec. 14, 1859, by the U.S. Senate, to investigate the Harper's Ferry affair. That Committee was directed, among other things, to inquire: (1.) ``Whether such invasion and seizure was made under color of any organization intended to subvert the government of any of the States of the Union.'' (2.) ``What was the character and extent of such organization.'' (3.) ``And whether any citizen of the United States, not present, were implicated therein, or accessory thereto, by contributions of money, arms, munitions, or otherwise.''

The majority of the Committee, Messrs. Mason, Davis, and Fitch, reply to the inquiries as follows:

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