[1]   Milwaukee Sentinel, October 1, 1859; Chicago Press and Tribune, October 1, 1859. The original manuscript of the address was supposed to have been handed to Henry W. Bleyer of the Sentinel for printing, and the two pages of manuscript which are extant generally support the supposition that the Sentinel text is superior to that of the Press and Tribune. The Press and Tribune, however, may also have had access to the manuscript in printing the address, and both newspaper texts seem to be superior to the text preserved in the official proceedings of the Wisconsin State Agricultural Society (see Lincoln on Agriculture, Lincoln Fellowship of Wisconsin, 1943, Historical Bulletin No. 1). In any event, the manuscript has been dispersed, and except for two pages is not known to be extant. The Sentinel text is followed, with the exception of the two pages corrected from the manuscript as indicated in footnotes, and with significant variations in the Press and Tribune indicated in footnotes. The Sentinel punctuation is followed except where the Press and Tribune is obviously better.

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