Collected Works of Abraham Lincoln. Volume 3.
Lincoln, Abraham, 1809-1865.


[1]   AD, SIU $$$ Lincoln's first lecture on Discoveries and Inventions was written at least by April 6, 1858 (vide supra), on which date he delivered it before the Young Men's Association of Bloomington, Illinois. Completely rewritten for delivery before the Phi Alpha Society of Illinois College at Jacksonville on February 11, 1859 (Illinois State Journal, February 14, 1859), the lecture was repeated a few days later in Decatur, and again in Springfield on February 21, before the Springfield Library Association at Concert Hall (ibid., February 21). Further invitations to lecture were turned down because of pressure of business (letters to W.M. Morris, March 28, and T.J. Pickett, April 16, infra). The second manuscript, like the first, was preserved in the satchel of documents which Lincoln left with Elizabeth Todd Grimsley a few days before leaving for Washington in 1861. It later passed into the Gunther Collection and then into the Barrett Collection.

[2]   Lincoln left a blank space in which ``Spain'' has been pencilled by another hand.