Collected Works of Abraham Lincoln. Volume 3.
Lincoln, Abraham, 1809-1865.

To Anson G. Henry [1]

Dr. A. G. Henry Springfield, Ills. Nov: 19, 1858

My dear Sir Yours of the 27th. of Sept. was received two days ago. I was at Oquawka, Henderson county, on the 9th. of October; and I may then have seen Majr. A. N. Armstrong; [2] but having nothing then to fix my attention, I do not remember such a man. I have concluded, as the best way of serving you, to inclose your letter to E. A. Paine, Esq, [3] of Monmouth, Ills, a reliable lawyer, asking him to do what you ask of me. If a suit is to be brought, he will correspond directly with you.

You doubtless have seen, ere this, the result of the election here. Of course I wished, but I did not much expect a better result. The popular vote [of the St]ate is with us; so that the seat in the

[Lower portion of page cut off.]

whole canvass. On the contrary, John and George Weber, [4] and several such old democrats were furiously for me. As a general rule, out of Sangamon, as well as in it, much of the plain old democracy is with us, while nearly all the old exclusive silk-stocking whiggery is against us. I do not mean nearly all the old whig party; but nearly all of the nice exclusive sort. And why not? There has been nothing in politics since the Revolution so congenial to their nature, as the present position of the great democratic party.

I am glad I made the late race. It gave me a hearing on the great and durable question of the age, which I could have had in no other way; and though I now sink out of view, and shall be forgotten, I believe I have made some marks which will tell for the cause of civil liberty long after I am gone.

Page  340Mary joins me in sending our best wishes to Mrs. Henry and others of your family; . . . .


[1]   AL, owned by Mrs. Frances H. Foster, Los Gatos, California.

[2]   A. N. Armstrong, surveyor and engineer at Oquawka, Illinois.

[3]   Eleazar A. Paine. See Lincoln to Paine, infra.

[4]   John B. Weber and George R. Weber, brothers who were early settlers in Sangamon County and prominent citizens of Springfield.