Collected Works of Abraham Lincoln. Volume 3.
Lincoln, Abraham, 1809-1865.
Isaac Pomeroy, Esq Exeter N H
Dear Sir: March 3 1860.

Owing to my great itineracy in this region, yours of the 28th. ult has just reached me. I have already spoken five times, and am engaged to speak five more. By the time these engagements shall be fulfilled, I shall be so far worn down, and also will be carried so far beyond my allotted time, that an immediate return home will be a necessity with me. At this very sitting I am declining invitations to go to Philadelphia, Reading, and Pittsburgh in Pa. You perceive I treat you no worse than I do others. The near approach of the elections in N.H. Conn. & R.I. has been the means of their getting me so deeply in here. I hope I may yet be able to visit New-Jersey & Pa. before the fall elections. While at New-York a Mr. William Silvey got a promise from me that I would write him whether I could visit, & speak at New-Ark. Will you please show him this? Yours Respectfully A. LINCOLN

79. Cedar St. N.Y.