Collected Works of Abraham Lincoln. Volume 3.
Lincoln, Abraham, 1809-1865.
Springfield, Decr. 14, 1859

Dear Judd: Herewith is the letter of our old whig friends, [2] and my answer, sent as you requested. I showed both to Dubois, [3] and he feared the clause about leave to publish, in the answer, would not be quite satisfactory to you. I hope it will be satisfactory; as I would rather not seem to come before the public as a volunteer; still if, after considering this, you still deem it important, you may, substitute the inclosed slip, by pasting it down over the original clause. [4]

I find some of our friends here, attach more consequence to getting the National convention into our State than I did, or do. Some of them made me promise to say so to you. As to the time, it must certainly be after the Charleston fandango; and I think, within bounds of reason, the later the better.

As to that matter about the Committee, in relation to appointing delegates by general convention, or by Districts, I shall attend to it as well as I know how, which, G-d knows, will not be very well.

Write me, if you can find any thing to write. Yours as ever