Collected Works of Abraham Lincoln. Volume 3.
Lincoln, Abraham, 1809-1865.

To Mark W. Delahay [1]

Dear Delahay. Springfield, Oct. 17. 1859

Your letter requesting me to drop a line in your favor to Gen: Lane [2] was duly received. I have thought it over, and concludedPage  490 that that is not the best way. Any open attempt on my part would injure you; and if the object merely be to assure Gen: Lane of my friendship for you, show him the letter herewith enclosed. I never saw him, or corresponded with him; so that a letter directly from me to him, would run a great hazzard of doing harm to both you and me.

As to the pecuniary matter, about which you formerly wrote me, I again appealed to our friend Turner, [3] by letter; but he never answered. I can but repeat to you that I am so pressed myself, as to be unable to assist you, unless I could get it from him. Yours as ever A LINCOLN


[1]   ALS, DLC-HW.

[2]   James H. Lane, commander of the free state troops and leader of the free state party, who was elected in 1856 to the United States Senate but did not take his seat until he was re-elected in 1861 after the admission of Kansas to the Union.

[3]   Probably Thomas J. Turner, who on July 16, 1858, had given Lincoln a note for $400 at 10 per cent, which was not collected until 1866, by David Davis, administrator of Lincoln's estate.