Collected Works of Abraham Lincoln. Volume 3.
Lincoln, Abraham, 1809-1865.


[1]   Debates Scrapbook, DLC. Although Lincoln deleted cheering and interruptions throughout the scrapbook, the editors have retained these deleted portions. Lincoln's corrections and insertions are indicated in footnotes. Typographical errors not corrected in the scrapbook have been corrected by the editors. All brackets are in the source.

[2]   Lincoln's prefatory note in the debates scrapbook.

[3]   Joshua R. Giddings, U.S. representative from Ohio, and Thomas H. Ford, Ohio Know-Nothing and Abolitionist, have not been previously identified.

[4]   U.S. Representative John F. Farnsworth of Chicago.

* This extract from Mr. Lincoln's Peoria Speech of 1854, was read by him in the Ottawa debate, but was not reported fully or accurately, in either the Times or Press & Tribune. It is inserted now as necessary to a complete report of the debate. [Footnote written by Lincoln in the margin of the debates scrapbook.]

[5]   ``Materially'' corrected by Lincoln to ``materials.''

[6]   ``Whas'' corrected by Lincoln to ``What.''

[7]   U.S. Senator Charles E. Stuart (``my friend from Michigan'').

[8]   This episode is not reported in the Press and Tribune, and was deleted by Lincoln in the debates scrapbook.

[9]   The five preceding paragraphs composing this digression were deleted by Lincoln in the debates scrapbook. The bias of the Times reporter is obvious, but it may be well to note that the episode appears in the Press and Tribune as follows:

``MR. LINCOLN---Let the Judge add that Lincoln went along with them.

``JUDGE DOUGLAS.---Mr. Lincoln says let him add that he went along with them to the Senate Chamber. I will not add that for I do not know it.

``MR. LINCOLN.---I do know it.

``JUDGE DOUGLAS.---But whether he knows or not my point is this, and I will yet bring him to his milk on this point.''

[10]   This paragraph is not in the Press and Tribune.