Collected Works of Abraham Lincoln. Volume 2.
Lincoln, Abraham, 1809-1865.
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Warranty Deed of Lincoln and Jayne to Armstrong and Yardly [1]

October 27, 1848

This Indenture made this twentyseventh day of October in the year of our Lord one thousand, eight hundred and fortyeight, by and between Gershom Jayne and Sibyl Jayne, [2] his wife, and Abraham Lincoln, and Mary Lincoln his wife, all of the city of Springfield, in the State of Illinois, party of the first part; and Pleasant Armstrong and John Yardly of the county of Menard and State aforesaid, party of the second part, Witnesseth:

That the said party of the first part, for, and in consideration of the sum of one hundred dollars to them in hand paid, by the said party of the second part, the receipt whereof is hereby acknowledged, have granted, bargained and sold; and by these presents do grant bargain and sell unto the said party of the second part, the following described tract or parcel of land, towit: The North part of the North West fractional quarter of Section Three in Township Nineteen North of Range Seven West, of the Third Principal Meridian, situated in the county of Mason, and State aforesaid, containing fortyseven acres more or less. [3]

To have and to hold to the said party of the second part, their heirs and assigns forever, the above described tract of land, together with all and singular the previleges and appurtenances thereunto belonging. And the said party of the first part, for themselves and their heirs, do covenant to and with the said party of the second part, that they are lawfully seized, have full right to convey, and will warrant and forever defend the title of said land against thePage  14 claim or claims of themselves, their heirs, and of any and all persons whomsoever.

In testimony whereof the said party of the first part have here-unto set their hands and seals this day and year first above written.




[1]   ADS, CoU. The document carries also the certificates of James W. Keyes, J. P., and Noah W. Matheny, clerk.

[2]   The father and mother of Mary Todd Lincoln's close friend Julia Jayne, who married Lyman Trumbull.

[3]   This piece of land had been purchased by Lincoln in 1836. On May 9, 1837, he sold an undivided half interest to Jayne, who was one of the proprietors of the nearby town of Huron, surveyed by Lincoln in 1836.

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