Collected Works of Abraham Lincoln. Volume 2.
Lincoln, Abraham, 1809-1865.
Page  55

To Thomas Ewing [1]

Hon. T. Ewing, Washington,
Secretary, &c. June 19, 1849.

Sir: My friend, N.G. Wilcox, is an applicant to be Receiver of the Land Office at Stillwater, Minesota; and I sincerely hope he may succeed. He is every way worthy of the office. I have once seen his devotion to principle put to the severest test, and come out unshaken. My confidence in him unlimited. Your Obt. Svt,



[1]   Certified copy, ICU. As in the case of Lincoln's endorsement of Wilcox (March 14, 1849), supra, the copy is certified by W.W. Lester, acting chief clerk, Department of the Interior. The original document has not been located, but an endorsement on this copy indicates that it passed from the Interior Department into the possession of Wilcox. Wilcox received the appointment as receiver at Stillwater.