Collected Works of Abraham Lincoln. Volume 2.
Lincoln, Abraham, 1809-1865.

To Gustave P. Koerner [1]

Hon. G. Koerner Springfield,
My dear Sir Aug. 6. 1858

Yesterday morning I found a drop letter from Gov: Bissell, urging, partly in consequence of a letter from you, that my latePage  537 speeches, or some of them, shall be printed in pamphlet form both in English and German. Having had a good many letters to the same effect, I went at once to the Journal office here, and set them to work to print me in English, fifty dollars worth of my last speech at Springfield (July 17) that appearing, by what I hear to be the most ``taking'' speech I have made. [2] For that sum they will furnish about 7000; they will, at the same time print some more, on their own account, and keep the type standing for a while. I also wrote to Judd yesterday, to get the same speech done up there in German. When I hear from him I will write you again.

Some things are passing strange. Wednesday morning, Douglas' paper here, the Register, went out crowing over the defeat of Blair, at St. Louis; and Blair's paper, the, Missouri Democrat, comes back next day, puffing, and encouraging Douglas! [3]

Please write me, on receipt of this, and let me know if you have any recent news from Madison. Every place seems to be coming quite up to my expectation, except Madison. Your friend, as ever



[1]   ALS, CtWat.

[2]   This eight-page pamphlet (Monaghan 12) furnished the text of this speech in the debates scrapbook. Vide supra, July 17, note 1.

[3]   Francis (Frank) P. Blair, Jr., editor of the Missouri Democrat, was elected to Congress in 1856 and served till March 3, 1859. In 1858 he lost the election to John R. Barret, but successfully contested and served from June 8 to June 25, 1860.