Collected Works of Abraham Lincoln. Volume 2.
Lincoln, Abraham, 1809-1865.


[1]   Debates Scrapbook, ORB. Lincoln used the pamphlet reprint (Monaghan 12) in the debates scrapbook (see Speech at Springfield, June 16, 1858, n.1, supra), and made only one correction, as indicated in a footnote. Except for Lincoln's deletion of cheering throughout the speech, which has not been observed, the text follows the debates scrapbook, with important variations in the text of the Illinois State Journal, July 20, 21, 1858, given in the footnotes. Collation of punctuation with the Journal text has also provided a few marks not in the debates scrapbook text.

[2]   Lincoln's prefatory note in the debates scrapbook. Douglas had spoken in the afternoon. Lincoln spoke at night.

[3]   The Journal has an additional digression at this point, as follows: ``[A rocket goes up near the window.] I expect that we shall have as much of that as we can conveniently get along with. I was saying that the Legislature steadily refused to give us such an apportionment as we were rightfully entitled to have upon the census taken of the population of the State.''

[4]   Journal has ``upon.''

[5]   Journal has ``very distant.''

[6]   Journal has ``quite give.''

[7]   Journal has ``this.''

[8]   Journal has ``and not.''

[9]   Journal has ``specifically.''

[10]   Journal has ``expect that they would join.''

[11]   Journal has ``the moral is applied.''

[12]   Journal has ``reconsider.''

[13]   Journal has ``inventor.''

[14]   ``And'' inserted by Lincoln, as in the Journal.

[15]   Journal has ``timber.''

[16]   Journal has ``as well as before.''

[17]   Journal has ``likes them; and.''

[18]   Journal has ``He never was in favor of any; nor I opposed to any.''

[19]   Journal has ``nearly.''

[20]   Journal has ``industrious men.''

[21]   Journal has ``this loving and most worthy.''