Collected Works of Abraham Lincoln. Volume 2.
Lincoln, Abraham, 1809-1865.

To Anton C. Hesing, Henry Wendt, Alexander Fisher, Committee [1]

A. C. Hesing, H. Wendt, A. Fisher, Committee: Springfield,
Gents:--- June 30, 1858.

Your kind letter, inviting me to be present at your celebration of the anniversary of American Independence, to be held on the fifth, and upon which occasion a Banner is to be presented to the German Republicans of the 7th Ward of your city, is received. I regret to say my engagements are such that I cannot be with you. I have several previous invitations, all of which I have been compelled to decline, except one, which will take but a single day of my time. To attend yours would require at least four. I send you a sentiment:

Our German Fellow-Citizens:---Ever true to Liberty, the Union, and the Constitution---true to Liberty, not selfishly, but upon principle---not for special classes of men, but for all men; true to the Union and the Constitution, as the best means to advance that liberty. Your ob't serv't, A. LINCOLN.


[1]   Chicago Daily Press and Tribune, July 7, 1858. Anton C. Hesing was the acknowledged leader responsible for swinging his Chicago German compatriots into the Republican party. Elected mayor of Chicago in 1860, he became established as one of the most powerful political bosses of the era following the Civil War. The Chicago directories list only two possible candidates for the other members of the committee, Henry Wendt and Alexander Fisher.