Collected Works of Abraham Lincoln. Volume 2.
Lincoln, Abraham, 1809-1865.


[1]   Illinois State Journal, June 18, 1858, and Debates Scrapbook, ORB. The basic Journal text, which followed Lincoln's original manuscript in paragraphing and use of italics and received his passing attention at least in proof, has been collated with the Chicago Daily Tribune text (June 19, 1858) chosen by Lincoln for inclusion in the debates scrapbook which he sent to George M. Parsons of the Republican Central Executive Committee (see Lincoln to Parsons, December 19, 1859) for use in preparing the Follett, Foster and Company edition of the Debates. The debates scrapbook, in the Barrett Collection, is a large folio into which Lincoln pasted clippings of the several speeches made by himself and by Stephen A. Douglas which were to make up the Debates. Corrections appear in the margins in Lincoln's handwriting, and a prefatory statement, also in Lincoln's hand, precedes the text of the speech. Lincoln's corrections have been incorporated in the text and designated by a footnote. Variations in spelling between the two texts have been resolved in favor of common usage, with exceptions specifically annotated.

[2]   Lincoln's preface written in the debates scrapbook.

[3]   In Tribune, not in Journal.

[4]   Sentence inserted by Lincoln in debates scrapbook.

[5]   Stephen A. Douglas, Franklin Pierce, Roger B. Taney, James Buchanan.

[6]   Justices John McLean and Benjamin R. Curtis.

[7]   Senator Salmon P. Chase of Ohio and Representative Daniel Macy of Indiana.

[8]   Justice Samuel Nelson.

[9]   ``Then'' in Journal; ``them'' in Tribune, corrected by Lincoln to ``then''.

[10]   Tribune has ``counsels.''

[11]   ``Mistakes'' in Journal; ``mistake'' in Tribune, corrected by Lincoln to ``mistakes.''