Collected Works of Abraham Lincoln. Volume 2.
Lincoln, Abraham, 1809-1865.
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To W. H. Gray [1]

W. H. Gray, Esq. Springfield,
Dear Sir--- June 4, 1858.

Yours of the 31st of May, accompanied by a printed notice of your Clinton county meeting, is just received. The U.S. courtPage  458 commences its summer term here the day before your meeting, and morally speaking, it is impossible for me to leave. I hope and believe you will not be without able and interesting speakers. The delegates you appoint will meet a large and good convention here on the 11th. Our prospects appear cheering everywhere. I think it only needs that those who feel that our position is right should stand firm, and be active, when action is needed.

Thanking you for your kind invitation, allow me to subscribe myself, Your friend, A. LINCOLN.


[1]   Hertz, II, 708-709. W. H. Gray wrote Lincoln from Carlyle, Illinois, May 31, 1858 (DLC-RTL). Further information about him is not available.

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