Collected Works of Abraham Lincoln. Volume 2.
Lincoln, Abraham, 1809-1865.
Hon. E. B. Washburne Springfield, Ills.,
My dear Sir: May 10, 1858

I have just reached home from the circuit, and found your letter of the 2nd. and for which I thank you. My other letter to you was meant for nothing but to hedge against bad feeling being gotten up, between those who ought to be friends, out of the incident mentioned in that letter. I sent you an extract from the Chicago letter in order to let you see that the writer did not profess to know anything himself; and I now add, that his informant told me that he did tell him exactly what he wrote me---at least I distinctly so understood him. The informant [2] is an exceedingly clever fellow; and I think he, having had a hasty glance at your letter to Charley Wilson, misconstrued it, and consequently, misreported it to the writer of the letter to me. I must repeat that I think the thing did not originate in malice to you, or to any one; and that the best way allPage  446 round is to now forget it entirely. Will you not adjourn in time to be here at our State convention in June? Your friend as ever