Collected Works of Abraham Lincoln. Volume 2.
Lincoln, Abraham, 1809-1865.
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To B. Clarke Lundy [1]

B. C. Lundy, Esq. Springfield,
Dear Sir: July 20, 1857

Owing to my absence, yours of the 10th was not received till a day or so ago. Senator Trumbull's speech and my own have both been published in pamphlet form, at the Illinois Journal offices, [2] but the copies printed off have been exhausted. They will have a new supply printed by the time this reaches you, and you can write them. Their price is a dollar per hundred. Mine is much larger and better print than it was in the Journal paper. Send directly to the Journal for the number of each you want, directing them how and where to send them.

What you say about our party doing something this year is perfectly right; on that subject open a correspondence with N. B. Judd, of Chicago, telling him I suggested it to you. I believe you are in the Peoria Senatorial district---a district that has to be very thoroughly cultivated---outside of it, up your way does not need much.

I have another matter in contemplation, which I will not mention now, but concerning which I may write you in a month or so. Yours truly, A. LINCOLN.


[1]   ALS, Daniel weinberg

[2]   Vide supra, June 26. Senator Lyman Trumbull spoke at Springfield on June 29, the speech being printed in the Illinois State Journal, July 1 and 2.

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