Collected Works of Abraham Lincoln. Volume 2.
Lincoln, Abraham, 1809-1865.
Page  392

Abraham Lincoln vs. Illinois Central Railroad [1]

State of Illinois}
McLean County }SS.
In the Circuit Court of McLean County.
April Term. A.D. 1857.

Abraham Lincoln, plaintiff, complains of the Illinois Central Railroad Company, defendants, being in custody &c. of a plea of trespass on the case, on promises:

For that whereas heretofore, towit, on the first day of January in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and fiftyseven, at the county aforesaid, in consideration that the said plaintiff, at the special interest and request of the said defendants, had before that time, done, performed, bestowed, and given his work and labor, care, diligence, attendance and skill, as an attorney and solicitor of and for the said defendants, and upon their retainer, in and about the prossecuting, defending, and soliciting of divers causes, suits, and business for the said defendants, they, the said defendants, undertook, and then and there faithfully promised the said plaintiff to pay him so much money as he therefor reasonably deserved to have of the said defendants, when they, the said defendants should be thereunto afterwards requested. And the said plaintiff avers, that he therefore reasonably deserved to have, of the said defendants, the sum of five thousand dollars, towit, at the county aforesaid, whereof the said defendants, afterwards, towit, on the day and year aforesaid, had notice.

Yet the said defendants (although often requested so to do) have not as yet paid the said sum of money, or any part thereof; but so to do have hitherto wholly neglected and refused, and still do neglect and refuse. To the damage of the said plaintiff of Six thousand dollars; and therefore he brings his suit &c.

LINCOLN, per se.

(Copy of account sued on)

The Illinois Central Railroad Company

To A. Lincoln Dr.

To professional services in the case of the Illinois Central Railroad Company, against the County of McLean, twice argued in the Supreme Court of the State of Illinois, and finally decided at the December Term 1855. $5000.00


[1]   AD, owned by Mrs. Edna Orendorff Macpherson, Springfield, Illinois. An exception to inclusion of Lincoln's law cases is made in the instance of this declaration and the brief of Lincoln's argument (June 23, infra) because of their biographical interest.