Collected Works of Abraham Lincoln. Volume 2.
Lincoln, Abraham, 1809-1865.
Hon: L. Trumbull: Springfield,
My dear Sir Aug: 11. 1856

I have just returned from speaking at Paris and Grandview in Edgar county---& Charleston and Shelbyville, in Coles and ShelbyPage  360 counties. Our whole trouble along there has been & is Fillmoreism. It loosened considerably during the week, not under my preaching, but under the election returns from Mo. Ky. Ark. & N.C. I think we shall ultimately get all the Fillmore men, who are realy antislavery extension---the rest will probably go to Buchanan where they rightfully belong; if they do not, so much the better for us. The great difficulty with anti-slavery extension Fillmore men, is that they suppose Fillmore as good as Fremont on that question; and it is a delicate point to argue them out of it, they are so ready to think you are abusing Mr. Fillmore.

Mr. Conkling [2] showed me a letter of yours, from which I infer you will not be in Ills. till 11th. Sept. But for that I was going to write you to make appointments at Paris, Charleston, Shelbyville, Hillsboro, &c. immediately after the adjournment. They were tolerably well satisfied with my work along there; but they believe with me, that you can touch some points that I can not; and they are very anxious to have you do it. Yours as ever A. LINCOLN